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We know that investing in real estate makes more people wealthy than any other kinds of investing. Fact is; real estate investing is one of the only ways an average person can open the doors to wealth in their life time.

Investing in real estate requires dedication, a team and the right tools.

Part of investing in real estate is figuring out the deal. Without figuring out the deal, you will not be able to get the money needed to invest.

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You can use your money or OPI (Other Peoples Money) but if your deal is not explained in a format which is easy to understand, you could find yourself loosing a deal because you could not get the funding needed to secure your investment.

Tools For Success

What is a deal and how do you structure one?

These are both great questions which will be explained the video in the link below.

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Flipping or Rehabbing a Property

We have all seen the TV shows which show people flipping houses and making lots of money doing it.  However flipping houses requires lots of cash (most of the time) and some investors may use their own cash.

Banks don’t fund rehabs so you will need to look for money from friends, other investors or do JV deals (joint ventures).

Presenting a rehab to a person whom will offer to loan their money will require you to be concise, present the right numbers and understanding of the monies you will need to make sure that your flip is successful. The last thing you want to do when flipping a house is guess how much money you will need or how much you will offer the seller in order to complete your deal.

Once you know these numbers you will be able to present this to other investors but in the world of investing, being professional is very important, especially when you are just starting to use other peoples money.

Click to Watch Rehab Deal Evaluator Video

In the video will explain to you how to present your deal for your rehab and how to make sure you are not spending more for a property than it’s worth.

Never again present a deal that is not professional. Understand what your potential investment property and seal the deal faster. Get private money faster and look like a professional asking for it.

I am sure you will find value in the videos above.

Much success and prosperity.

If you have money sitting around earning very little return and have thought about investing in real estate but you don’t want to own any properties but still make money.

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We also us a tool to connect with other investors who have properties for sale which you can also invest in to make money.

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