Can There Be A Possible Housing Bubble In 2016

Is it possible that the United States is heading towards a housing bubble for 2016.


As of today there are more high priced homes on the East and West Coast, just like it looked like back before the 2008 housing bubble. Many investors believe that because the sub-prime interest rates have been low for the last couple of years, it has started a sellers market in some markets. States like California and Arizona have are seeing some of the highest home prices since the crash in 2008.

While there are more Rental properties around than before, it looks like many investors are offering Rent-To-Own options so as to load of most of their inventory.

What is your take on this? Are we heading into another housing bubble for 2016? What are the home prices around your neighbourhood?

While we operate mostly in Ohio and Illinois we do see some areas of both states which have stabilized and some areas where homes prices have sky-rocketed

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